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Green Naturals


The Green Naturals International Co. is a conceptualized to provide high quality of natural and organic distribution of products through a combination of advanced technology, and unique marketing strategies and excellent product lines.

The company acknowledges the commitment and hard work of its distributors for having a progression of remarkable sales. In return, Green Naturals International Co. offers exceptional incentives to its top distributors to further inspire them to excel in the world of multi-level marketing business.

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Top Marketing


Empowering Every Consumers, Distributors and Organizations to achieve more in their corresponding areas.

To Create Opportunity, Growth and Impact to Everybody Local and International especially to its consumers and distributors by providing a unique, quality and highly consumable environmentally friendly products a unique system that works for everyone.

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NewLife is a new MLM company who are committed to the principle of revenue maximization and healthy products.

We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation. We will show the way to successive. Enjoy real benefits and rewards on your accrue investing and healthy products.

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Blitz Technology


BLITZ Technology is a state-of-the art, eco-friendly Nanotechnology company that is officially launched this year, 2018. With its main Headquarters in Silicon Valley, California USA, the company aims to build brighter future by providing access to innovative technologies and create greater opportunities for everyone.

We believe that a single idea can change the world. The company's vision is to continuously launch products that are useful to consumers and eco-friendly to the environment. Because if we push the boundaries of modern technology, we can create great ideas that will not only protect but improve the way we live.

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Walker Event Management


Flat, professional and dark colors. Website is responsive and can easily managed thru CMS that is developed in WordPress.

Walker Event Management specializes in meeting design, site selection, contract negotiations, program planning, attendee registration, vendor sourcing, event execution and financial management. We work alongside corporations and associations organizing conferences, meetings and social occasions in the state of Colorado. Whether you seek the services of an event planner for a one-day event or an event spanning several days or weeks our team is prepared to partner with you to ensure that the goals of the organization are met and exceeded.

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Playful, modern, colorful and personable design. Integrated with client mailchimp for racing event reservation. Carefully selected colors and images to match logo and keep identity intact.

RACE ON YOUR OWN TERMS, KEEP YOUR SOCIAL LIFE WHILE YOU RACE and FINISH YOUR RACES PROUD Viracity let's you walk, jog, skip or run the distance of your choice. You can even complete your race at the gym.

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IVI Optics


Serious, traditional, proffesional and upmarket design. A responsive website design to look perfect on any web browser devices. Photoshop design, HTML5 and CSS3.

IVI Optics is a company of experienced engineering entrepreneurs that have a passion for innovation. Company innovation comes in the form of software development, hardware development, and productized advanced services. We are driven to provide affordable top quality optical transceivers, direct attach cables (DAC), and active optical cables (AOC).

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Wordpress design template for a high-energy neighborhood restaurant and tavern. Design the initial look of the current website.

A restaurant with Irish Hospitality began over 40 years ago and continues today with new chapters that reflect Bennigan,s history while introducing a reinvented brand. We are redefining casual dining with chef-driven food, innovative drinks and memorable dining experiences for every guest, every meal, every day.

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Adagio 30A


Elegant and modern design for the premiere vacation rentals at Adagio on Scenic 30A. Carefully selected fonts and color to match logo identity and branding. Photoshop Design and Wordpress Development.

Premiere vacation rentals at Adagio on Scenic 30A! Their sole market is Adagio properties and profits contribute to making Adagio the incredible destination that it is now.

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Cassad Liquids


Dark design and grunge background which focuses the products. Photoshop design and BigCommerce development.

Quality e-liquid products bithered out of the love of experiment. Shot now fo the internationally proclaimed best selling cannoli e-liquid line.

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Kerry Lindsay


Simple, flat and minimal design but visually enticing to instantly attract clients. Some color manipulation and creative heading highlight logo.

Specialist engine repair & reconditioning to have your car running at its best! An experienced and friendly team that are capable of providing you with a fantastic service. The staff are passionate about cars and dedicated to giving your vehicle the highest standard of service.

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MJ Cycle


A good design meets a good CMS. Created a Custom CMS for this design. Backend created by PHP, MVC, OOP and MySQL. Ability to Add/Edit/Delete products, images and pages. Transfer this beautiful design into a responsive front end using HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Client aim is to not only to provide products that exceeds your expectations, but also provide an amazing experience in just as critical areas like after-sales, development, production, quality control and delivery.

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Guide to Teaching Online


Playfull and simple but modern design as vector websites are trending now a days. PSD design and HTML

The Complete Guide to Teaching Online will provide you with the exact steps to find and maintain a well-paying job teaching online! Check client books, ebooks and consulting products.

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Hanrahan Consulting


Serious, modern, professional and masculine design. Carefully selected colors and fonts to match client's logo. Photoshop design and WordPress development.

Hanrahan Consulting, LLC was founded by Justin Hanrahan. Justin is a police lieutenant for a mid-sized police department in the greater Boston area.

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Ason Bags


Built a custom CMS platform to auto populate pages, categories and new products. Platform and language used for backend are PHP, MySQL, MVC and OOP. HTML, CSS and jQuery for the frontend.

Ason Bags is a China - based export company, specializing in promotional and sports bags. We are the manufacturing partner for some of the leading promotional companies in North America and Europe.

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SP Productions


Design with a glossy black background with white text. Extremely modern with a few flares of windows style but nothing too off the wall, easily understood

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